Women May Have Been Handed A Huge Abortion Rights Win, Thanks To Satan??

With all the attacks on women’s rights in this country coming from Christians, we guess it stimulates sense that it would be Satanists opposing back!

The Satanic Temple has been fighting a legal battle in Missouri over laws forcing ladies to hop through extra hoops to get abortions — constructing them one step a little bit closer to illegal.

Hilariously they’re applying the infamous Religious Freedom Restoration Act — yep, the one

“Mary Doe” says she was forced to position an ultrasound of her fetus and read a “life begins at conception” pamphlet — as well as awaiting 72 hours — before get an abortion.

Her lawyer argues these medically unnecessary steps shouldn’t be forced upon her because she “adheres to principles of the Satanic temple” and “has deeply held religious beliefs that a nonviable fetus is not a separate human being but is part of her body and that abortion of a nonviable fetus does not abort the living standards of a separate, unique, living human being.”

The Satanic Temple’s Jex Blackmore

After arguing their occurrence to the Missouri Supreme Court on Wednesday, they are already claiming victory.

According to an audio recording in a press release by the Temple, justices asked the State’s lawyer if “it’s the position of the State that an ultrasound does not have to be conducted unless a person says they want the opportunity to hear the fetal heartbeat.”

Missouri’s Solicitor General D. John Sauer agreed that the State’s interpretation of the existing legislation is not that ladies should be forced to go through this, only offered the “opportunity.”

No official ruling has come down yet, but by that statement they already have struck quite a jolt for women’s rights.

BTW, the Satanic Temple does not believe in Satan as a literal being but as an inspiration for rebellion.

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