The Star Wars Force Theme in a Stairwell with Awesome Reverb

The a

Force themea

, also known as a

Ben Kenobia

s themea

, a


s themea

, or a

May the Force Be With Youa

, is one of the most beloved of John Williamsa

music for the Star Wars saga. It appears in all of the cinemas, but perhaps most memorably in the Episode IV: A New Hope , when Luke contemplates his future while watching a pair of suns set on the horizon.[ source]

Film Music Notes has a detailed breakdown of this theme( along with all of the other major musical themes in Star Wars ), and it’s merit checking out if you want to learn more about the piece’s melody, rhythm, unison, and orchestration. You can read it here.

Read more: http :// videos/ star-wars-force-theme-in-stairwell-with-awesome-reverb /

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