Introducing The Worst Dad Ever Who Allegedly Cut Off His Daughter’s Hair After She Got Highlights!

Yooo, WTF!

We’re pretty this daddy could qualify for one of the most serious parenting moments when, according to his ex-wife, “hes taking” the liberty of shaving his daughter’s hair after discovering she got highlightings for her birthday!

The mom Christin Johnson shared the narrative on Facebook after her daughter Kelsey returned home from spend time with her dad and stepmother, who are reportedly now both under investigation for child abuse.

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Johnson revealed in a now-viral post:

People have inundated to the comments with outrage and terms of encouragement for Kelsey. This one including with regard to we would like to cosign 😛 TAGEND

“Kelsey, you are a beautiful young woman. Do not let the actions of these two ogres ruin your confidence. If they cannot accept that you are beautiful and can express yourself in this way, then they do not deserve your consideration. I hope you are seeming adoration and supported.”

Both the father-god and stepmother have been suspended from their volunteer firefighter positions as the Haskins Police Department looks into the situation.

[ Image via Facebook .]

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