Evil genius makes an organ by reconfiguring 44 Furbies


Almost exactly 20 years ago, Tiger Electronics changed “the worlds” with its freeing of the Furby–a plaything owl-meets-hamster being that became the first successfully marketed household robot after 40 million of them sold in its first three years.

Kind of like everything else that was a reached in the’ 90 s( overalls, scrunchies, JNCOs) young millennials outgrew Furbies and collectively realise how scaring the little dudes actually were. One YouTuber, however, has decided it’s hour Furbies made a comeback and he did it in a terrifying style.

Musician and inventor Sam Battle of YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer salvaged over 44 Furbies and affixed them to an organ.

“For the past few time, I’ve been dreaming up a machine that will finally give these tragically jettisoned little dreamboats a use, ” Battle says in a YouTube video. “Finally after trawling through eBay and rummaging through charity shops up and down the ground, and a heck of a lot of soldering, I present to you the Furby organ.”

Read more: https :// upstream/ furby-organ /

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